Launch of a new global booking site that simplifies traveling

July 4, 2020
6 million members can now make their hotel & resort bookings through LifeTrnds

Via an exclusive agreement, Impact Crowd Technology Group, Crowd1 and LifeTrnds have joined forces to provide a sophisticated booking platform with a sufficient travel service for Crowd1’s 6 million strong and global sales network.

With the addition of the LifeTrnds booking platform to the Crowd1 community, Crowd1 members will have access to more than 2.5 million hotels and resorts world-wide at very competitive prices. Besides hotels, the LifeTrnds platform also offers dream vacations, cruises and special resorts.

Whereas the platform offers competitive prices, the Crowd1 community will further benefit as profits generated through the booking platform will be given back to the Crowd1 community in the form of bonuses and cash rewards.

LifeTrnds and Crowd1 are making history with this endeavour, bringing the best travel services from around the globe coupled with the fastest growing company on the planet.

Mark Seyforth, CEO of LifeTrnds, comments:

“I’m truly excited to work with the ICT Group and offer our sophisticated travel portal to Crowd1’s 6 million strong members. During 2020 and 2021, LifeTrnds will focus on improving the design and user experience of our service and we will, also, be rolling out special travel programs for Crowd1’s leaders and members during Q4 of 2020. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation.”

Johan Staël von Holstein, CEO of the ICT Group, comments:

“The ICT Group has a long-term vision and plan to offer global; regional and local products to Crowd1’s members. So, today is a historical day for us. After months of negotiations and planning, we are proud to announce LifeTrnds as the ICT Group’s first global product that we offer to Crowd1’s member network.

LifeTrnds is a product and service that brings true monetary value to Crowd1. First, as members will often get the opportunity to get cheaper online prices compared to other online travel agencies (OTAs). And, secondly, because of the attractive commissions that the ICT Group will push back to Crowd1’s member network. As in the case of the LifeTrnds agreement, future products will also come with a discount to our members, but more importantly: Crowd1 members will get the chance to resell the products and make an extra income from their sales activities.

Whereas LifeTrnds is our first global product supplier, it will certainly not be the last as we continue to invest in our product team in Madrid. Moreover, we are in negotiations with numerous other product suppliers, not only globally, but also locally - in specific countries”.

About the ICT Group

The Impact Crowd Technology Group (ICT) is a newly established Spanish group with headquarter in Madrid. The ICT Group has exclusive rights to offer products and services to’s member network. Crowd1 is the fastest growing networking program on the planet reaching over 100 countries globally.

The ICT Group’ s business idea is to market a portfolio of third-party products directly to the end customer. Similar to Uber and Airbnb, who own neither cars nor beds, the ICT Group does not sell any products of its own: it merely markets other companies’ products and services via the Crowd1 member network.

The ICT Group’s mission is to disrupt and change the traditional value chain and the distribution of physical or digital products and services - enabling entrepreneurs to earn a primary or secondary income by recommending and reselling these products and services, with a primary focus on developing countries. A key element to fulfill this purpose will be the exclusive use of the world’s largest sales force of Crowd1.

For more information about the ICT Group, visit

About LifeTrnds

LifeTrnds is a continuation of Travel 10 USA and Custom Travel Solutions - started in 1986 and rebranded in 2015.  LifeTrnds is an OTA (Online Travel Agency) that offers a highly sophisticated hotel and resort booking engine designed to benefit millions of entrepreneurs and home business owners, without limitation across the globe. LifeTrnds’ OTA offers more than 2 million hotels and resorts worldwide and rivals the giants Expedia and Bookings. The company’s Founder and CEO is Mark Seyforth.

For more information about LifeTrnds, contact CEO Mark Seyforth:

Bio of Mark Seyforth, CEO of Technology Trends Inc.

Mark Seyforth is a true icon in the network marketing industry. Soon after graduating with a Criminal Justice degree from the University of Central Florida, he founded his first company called “Slender Now” – the first milk shake diet ever sold in the United States, on a shoestring budget. This program was the one that changed the rules. His company grew to over USD 100 million in its 2nd year of sales by 1977.

Mark also wrote the first multi-level commission plan that is still widely used in the industry today. Moreover, he built and owned his own manufacturing company to create new and innovative products. His original team and manufacturing company, along with Mark’s business expertise, formed the beginning of what has become “Herbalife”. Mark has continued to write some of the most innovating compensation plans of the past 40+ years.

Mark has mentored and helped many industry legends get their start, from Mark Hughes of Herbalife to Harry Hersey, past president of the Direct Selling Association in the United States. More recently, Mark has spent the last 5 years in the travel industry and currently owns three different types of travel companies designing a new platform he calls “The eGig” – a paradigm shift in today’s Gig Economy.

Bio of Mike Putman, CEO of Custom Travel Solutions

Mike started his career with a single travel agency almost three decades ago, which he grew into one of the largest privately held travel agencies in the American Southeast. Since then, Mike has acquired an in-depth knowledge of nearly every facet of the Travel industry.

In 1995, he founded one of the 1st online travel sites, and built it into one of the largest online sellers of complex travel. Mike’s last role was as the president of Rovia LLC, where he developed the company into a global competitor, earning the World Travel Award for the World’s Leading Online Travel Agency.

Mike’s understanding of e-commerce, travel distribution, and executive coaching make him uniquely skilled at working without boundaries of size and scope.

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