ICT launches agreement with security service ”SAfer”

July 4, 2020
Crowd1’s members in South Africa now have access to the country’s most sophisticated security service ”SAfer” at a discounted price.

The ICT Group has entered into a unique agreement with SAfer, the frontrunners in panic app technology globally, to provide Crowd1's South African members with a highly advanced and seamless security service, ”SAfer”, which stands for South Africa’s Fastest Security Response.

With the launch of the security service ”SAfer,” Crowd1 members will be able to subscribe to the personal safeguarding system at an exclusive discounted price. Besides access to SAfer, the Crowd1 network will also have a chance to make commissions on the revenues generated from the sales of SAfer within the network.

Crowd1 and SAfer are collectively working together to secure a personal solution for Crowd1 members to minimise risks associated with unsafe situations and medical emergencies. When a SAfer user is in an unsafe situation, or requires medical attention, the user either pushes the alarm button on the SAfer app, or shakes the mobile phone. Any of these actions will trigger an alert. The nearest armed responder will then automatically and within minutes be dispatched to the location.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, combined with GPS tracking, SAfer offers the most advanced personal safeguarding solution available nationwide in South Africa. It is South Africa’s fastest armed service to households, companies and private households 24/7, 365 days per year.

Together with SAfer, we are improving the safety of the Crowd1 community in South Africa!

Johan Staël von Holstein, CEO of the ICT Group, comments:

“On behalf of the ICT Group, I am thrilled to offer Crowd1’s South African members this highly advanced and relevant safeguarding solution. The SAfer protection and security service is not only the leading and fastest security service in South Africa for customers that find themselves in unsafe situations, SAfer also saves lives for people that require medical assistance.

I am therefore proud that the ICT Group, Crowd1 and SAfer can offer Crowd1’s community in South Africa both a discount on SAfer, as well as commissions from the sales generated from SAfer within Crowd1’s network. I look forward to a great cooperation with LifeGuard-SAfer”.

Safer’s normal offer in South Africa is ZAR 49,99 per month.

South Africa Crowd1 members get an exclusive discounted price of ZAR 44,99 per month.

In addition to the lower price for Crowd1 members, ZAR 5,00 will be paid back to the member network in commission (per buying SAfer-Crowd1 customer).

About the ICT Group

The Impact Crowd Technology Group (ICT) is a newly established Spanish group with headquarter in Madrid. The ICT Group has exclusive rights to offer products and services to Crowd1.com’s member network. Crowd1 is the fastest growing networking program on the planet reaching over 100 countries globally.

The ICT Group’ s business idea is to market a portfolio of third-party products directly to the end customer. Similar to Uber and Airbnb, who own neither cars nor beds, the ICT Group does not sell any products of its own: it merely markets other companies’ products and services via the Crowd1 member network.

The ICT Group’s mission is to disrupt and change the traditional value chain and the distribution of physical or digital products and services - enabling entrepreneurs to earn a primary or secondary income by recommending and reselling these products and services, with a primary focus on developing countries. A key element to fulfil this purpose will be the exclusive use of the world’s largest sales force of Crowd1.

For more information about the ICT Group, visit www.impactct.com

About SAfer

SAfer is based in London and has a presence in 22 countries. SAfer is active in South Africa since 2013. SAfer stands for South Africa’s Fastest Security Response.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, combined with GPS tracking, SAfer is a personal safeguarding solution available nationwide in South Africa. It is South Africa’s fastest armed service to households, companies and private households 24/7, 365 days per year.

When an individual is in an unsafe situation/medical emergency, the user shakes the mobile phone or pushes SAfer’s alarm button on the mobile app which will trigger an alert. The nearest armed responder will, then, automatically be dispatched to the location. The customer will then receive a phone call checking on the situation, i.e. if customer is fine. If the customer does not answer, or needs assistance, the dispatch will be on site in minutes. The live situation feed will also be recorded from when the customer pushes the button to capture evidence on the mobile phone.

While competitors might dispatch the police or a neighbourhood watch, SAfer employs private security. SAfer employs private armed security with maximum security with a 3-5 minute armed response time in major metropolitan areas (vs. over 15 minutes compared to most other services. Safer is 3 x faster than traditional response).

SAfer works with over 170 security companies in South Africa. It is the largest emergency / medical response network in South Africa, meaning that we can get to customers faster than anyone else.

SAfer is not just a security response service: when customers have a medical emergency, SAfer will direct a private medical first responder to the customer.

While this type of response was typically only available for highly paid executives in the past, by using SAfer’s technology, private individuals or households can now have the same level of security. SAfer’s service includes lots of sophisticated features such as video evidence gathering/shake to alert/ meeting functionality and more.

For more information about the SAfer, visit https://safer.africa/

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Press Team

Mattias Tönnheim
Press officer ICT Group

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